My first meeting with Janice was three years ago when she cycled 12 miles to my house to give me a health scan. She ended up cycling more like 20 miles cause she got lost.

I had been diagnosed with high blood pressure and  stiff arteries for which the doctor had been trying to put me on drugs for the last few months but I was reluctant because I didn’t want to go down that slippery slope.

Janice confirmed the diagnosis with her scanning machine, without me even mentioning the problems I had and she told me what to do. I was just glad that I had found another option and was enthusiastic about putting it into practice.

Less than a year later my blood pressure was down, plaque in my arteries was addressed, my energy went through the roof and I had considerable weight loss. The transformation was remarkable.

I have personally recommended Janice to my children and friends. I believe the preventative methods are the keys to good health

Glenmore Hamilton Longsight


I am a sixty year old diabetic. Janice advised and guided me through a change of lifestyle, because I wanted to restrict drugs as much as I could and it radically changed my health and vitality.

Dougsta reggae artist Gorton


Janice helped me after a health scare and I decided to make changes to my diet. This resulted in me having a full body scan, which showed what was going on within my body and Janice showed me what changes to make. It didn’t take long before I got my energy back again. Janice is a committed and passionate health care professional.

Venford Rouse Stockport


I was very ill for the last 7 years with fibroid’s. Over the last 5, I had been told that I had no alternative than to get a hysterectomy. Friends and even my own Mum wanted me to go along with the doctors because of the way it was affecting my life. I had seen previous alternative practitioners with minimum success but the condition remained. Having met Janice her enthusiasm and the passion for her work and the time she spent explaining my situation gave me the enthusiasm to rekindle my desire to get on top of my problem.

After the scan I knew what I to do. Within the month I had lost about half a stone and 2 months later my symptoms totally disappeared. Janice helped me to be conscious of the food that I was eating and the lifestyle I was living.

Genevieve London

About a year after finishing chemotherapy I was lacking energy, and feeling lethargic. I was told a liver cleanse could be a ‘revitalizer’, I spoke with Janice – after I had listened to some programs she had presented on local radio about well-being. I followed the procedure, it was difficult but worth it. The change in my energy levels & alertness began to improve. By the time I completed the course, there was a massive increase in my level of energy in comparison to before the cleanse…

Ivor Moss Side



Janice Alexander has been the essential link to me changing the way I feel about the food I eat. She has taught me how a healthy diet transforms the body for a more alert and sound mind. By eliminating certain foods from my diet, transformed my shape and stopped me feeling sluggish. As I am getting older it makes more sense to follow a more natural diet and without her guidance I would never have changed my eating habits. Thanks again Jan!!!