Hi my name is Janice Alexander and I have had an interest in health for the last 18 years but not knowing anything initially apart from what the conventional wisdom tells us such as we need milk and dairy for calcium. I searched for a while and completed a course at the British School of Osteopathy which was amazing for teaching me how the body works But it was after I completed that course and got a degree in health care that I learned about real health and discovered the best food that the human being is designed to eat.

My life changed when I took that information and incorporated it into my life. Green juicing is now a big part of my life and the benefits I have personally experienced are immense. Friends and relatives ask me about certain ailments and what to do about them and when I tell them they take no notice and carry on as before, just kidding they do make small changes.

As well as see patients at my office I give talks and  health information at certain events.